Two-Faced Charades Red LP

Famous Last Words      

Two-Faced Charades Red LP

  1. Welcome to the Show
  2. Victim of the Virtuoso
  3. The Relentless
  4. Voices
  5. Lust of the Lost
  6. Legends and Legacies
  7. In Perfect Hindsight
  8. To Play Hide and Seek With Jealousy
  9. Searching for a Home
  10. Even a Ghost has a Sanctuary
  11. The Show Must Go On, Pt. 1
  12. The Show Must Go On, Pt. 2

inVogue Records ID: 185018 Catalog ID: 1722 SKU: FLW0TFC0RD-LP00 Created: 9/03/2014
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